Neon Rendezvous Clutch

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  1. Has anyone gotten this clutch? I see the hot pink one on shopbop and it looks so nice! I was wondering how big it was, and if the pink is TOO neon?
  2. I have the purple patent Rendezvous, so I can't speak for the neon color, but the size is about the size of a manilla folder and about 1.5 in thick.
  3. I am NOT a fan of neon but I LOVE this rendezvous! Its not too bright at all. A perfect pop against any outfit... If you want a more muted pink then i would recommend going with the "rose" rendezvous.

    I love the blue and white lining in the neon RV.

  4. Thanks! I love the way the red one looks! But I like the pink for Spring. I think i'm gonna get this as my first RM item!
  5. I freakin love that bag!!
  6. I love it, too!!! It's more "me" than the muted rose, which is also lovely.
  7. I was flipping through the Teen Vogue while getting my hair done....they had a small section on how neon is going to be popular. Anyway it had a pic of the neon pink rendezvous. Super cute.
  8. Its super cute but very bright!! Totally a great bag to punch color to any outfit.
  9. I just saw the orange neon one on RMs site and I love that more!
  10. oh btw the neon's seem to be on the rm official site now, there is yellow, orange and pink.