Neon Lv?!

  1. OK all you LV experts out there...I've got a question for you! I was browsing old LV shows on today and came across a picture of this bag. I have NEVER seen it before, and I was wondering what it was, if it was only for the runway, etc. This pic is from the same season as the grafitti bags, but again, I've never ever seen this bag. Anybody know what is is...?:graucho:
    Neon LV.jpg
  2. looks to be runway only
  3. Sometimes Neon Pink pochette styles come up on ebay but they are pretty rare can't say I've ever seen this one before.
  4. I think it is the monogram glace runway bag that never made it into production! Believe me I tried to hunt that down. The closest thing to it would be the orange and white mens pieces. If it is the color you like, they did a satin with sparkle LV's.
  5. might have been a Robert Wilson Vernis collection runway piece. that came around the time of Graffiti, though i dont remember if it was before or after.
  6. Robert Wilson line came out in 2002.. and is so beautiful.. i love the pochettes!
  7. It was DAMIER glace! 2001, fun sporty pieces, but the green never made it. It is not Robert Wilson, that was 2002 Chrismas. I knew all these Japanese mags would come in handy! ;)