Neon coral for fall/winter ?

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm looking for a colored bag, and I fell in love with the neon coral Proenza Schouler PS1. My only problem is that I want a bag which I can use all year around and a color which will last a couple of seasons.

    Would you wear a bag in neon coral during fall/winter? :smile:
  2. I wear brights in the winter. It's a nice pop of color against the dark and neutrals. I have the Tangerine PS1, which I wear year round. This year I'm even feeling powder blue!
  3. Great! BTW, is coral and neon coral the same shade? :smile:
  4. I believe so.
  5. For me it can! I will so that with my lemon ps1!
  6. Theoretically I would, although personally my winter wardrobe doesn't work with pink (a lot of camel, red and burnt orange), so my poor neon coral PS1 has been sitting neglected for a month now. :-/
  7. Oh no, you can give it to me instead, hehe. I promise I'll cherish it :P
  8. I'd be worried about the Neon Coral showing water spots and such from snow!
  9. I personally would not wear the Neon Coral during fall and winter. It's strictly a spring/summer color, for me. Just like I feel my Tobacco suede is only for fall/winter and I didn't take it out once during the hotter months. However, this is only my opinion. If you like the coral, wear it anytime you want. It's such a gorgeous color :smile:
  10. Thank you so much for your opinions ladies. I have decided to go for the lipstick red instead! :smile:
  11. Hi hope you don't mind me hijacking thread..... I'm thinking about getting neon coral pouch but I live in Scotland which gets a lot of heavy rain and in winter often snow. I need a bag I can use whatever weather and wondered if this colour would show rain/snow marks? (I always treat my bags with collonil).
    Thanks x