Neon Blue Lily

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  1. Hi ladies

    Have been away from Mulberry for 6 months until I got the sale preview email. Love the neon blue but see the Lily neon blue didn't go into the sale. Has anyone got this? Which size? How does it look and wear? As its not on sale, does this mean it's going into next season?Otherwise also considering the tree continental wallet to get my neon blue fix!
  2. There are two new ones on Ebay.

    It might go into the next sale but we don't know.

    It's a beautiful colour!
  3. I would rather buy from the Mulberry stores so I know they are genuine.
    But was just wondering if this is likely to go into next season so I have time to buy or if I should bite the bullet now in case this does not continue next season?
    Also, if anyone has this bag in regular or medium and if they can tell me how it wears and which size they have as I can't decide!
    Love love love the neon blue! :heart: