Neon Blue Bayswater reveal.

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  1. After all the hassle i had with M online customer services regarding a faulty bag i decided to visit the M store at Leeds for an exchange. It was definitely out of my way, but me and my mum decided to make a day out of it.

    I rang the store beforehand to see firstly if they had any left in stock, and secondly to see if they could check the stock to make sure it was okay. I spoke to the manager, Mark, who gave some excellent customer service. I sent some e-mails with pics etc so he knew what my problem was. He said it was definitely not right and if i wished to pop into store he would set one aside for me, and if that one wasn't to my liking i could check out their remaining stock. He could't have been nicer. I also managed to pick up the Tree Continental Wallet in Neon Blue :amuse:

    Here it is:

  2. Neon blue is just gorgeous!! If I didn't own electric blue I would certainly get this. Congrats on your stunning purchases.
  3. They're absolutely stunning, enjoy your gorgeous set!
  4. I'm pleased your story has a happy ending and that the manager gave you the customer service you deserve and expect. The neon certainly seems to be a big hit on here and I can see why. Congrats on your newbies and enjoy using them :smile:
  5. Beautiful bag and wallet.....congratulations! The leather looks really nice on these. :smile:
  6. They are beautiful! Congrats!
  7. Many CONGRATULATIONS! It is such a strikingly beautiful color....i LOVE it!
  8. Both are beautiful!
  9. Beautiful - such a stunning striking colour
  10. I love that neon blue color! Congrats and enjoy your beautiful new items. I've been trying to find something in neon blue myself.
  11. Wow, they are stunning! :smile: Congrats on your neon blue beauties! :heart:
  12. That's more like it, I'm glad you met with some good customer service! Enjoy your lovely blues :smile:
  13. Thanks :amuse:

    The NB is so beautiful! I always thought that when i got a bayswater, it would be black with silver hardware, but when i saw this colour i knew it was the one for me! hah. I didn't even intend to buy the purse, but they had one left in stock and i couldn't leave it.

    Honestly though, i'm just happy that i got the customer service that i should have received in the first place. Online CM almost put me off buying anything from Mulberry again, so my faith has been restored. I just probably wouldn't buy anything online again.
  14. Both are beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy :smile:!
  15. Perfect ending.....glad it was sorted - enjoy!!

    oops I just reported this post in error, getting used to the new app

    Sorry moo!! Ignore my report
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