Neo Speedy

  1. Couldn't find it in the ever-so-helpful Visual Aid ...

    Please post pic of you carrying the Neo Speedy. I'm trying to see how it looks on a person. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Never mind the cheesy outfit:shame::lol::
  3. To those of you who own a Neo Speedy, do you guys love it? How do you find it holds up...I mean does it still look as nice once it starts to patina? I bought one a couple weeks ago but haven't used it yet. I do love the style, but I know I'm late in the game to be getting one now. And since I've seen people with really "worn" ones, I've been having second thoughts on whether to keep it or to wait for something new....Opinions please? :confused1:

    Sorry to get off the original topic...I'll post some pics of myself carrying it later tonight for your reference, Bluekit :smile:
  4. ^^ I love, love, love my Denim Speedy.
    (Whispering so that my other bags don't hear it) :lol:: My favourite!
    The vachetta is still very light, but I've seen some w/ a darker patina and it looks very nice IMO. No problem w/ the Denim fabric so far, looks like new :yes:
  5. It's a nice casual throw around in the summer bag for me. I am not crazy about it but it's cute. I think it's WAY OVERPRICED for a denim bag. It does look nice when it starts to patina, IMO. I don't know if you can tell from a pic but here is mine with some patina:
  6. I agree with Irene and I think she has given me the final inspiration to forget about the mini pleaty.....
  7. my mom has the neo speedy and she said its her FAVORITE bag :smile:
  8. I think it's overpriced.......actually....anything fabric/non-coated canvas seems overpriced to I only go for mono, damier, MC, Vernis and the upcoming leather onatah!!!! Woohoo! lol
  9. To be honest, every LV is overpriced IMO :P
  10. the pictures are a bit blur. they were taken at a time when i was still trying to take self-shots without the Parkinson's effect :lol:
    neo-speedy 001.jpg neo-speedy 002.jpg
  11. Thanks for the pic, Irene. Your neo still looks really nice...I can't tell its your "throw-around bag!" I think thats how I feel about it too: Its a really cute bag but totally overpriced! I guess the question is whether you're knowingly but willingly pay that kind of $$ for a denim bag. I'm inclined to keep it just because I've adored it since the day it came out, what really holds me back is that I'm getting it so late and thinking something similar may come out soon. Well, I have till Wednesday to decide.....
  12. You are very welcome! I got my $$$ worth out if the bag, that's for sure. I wore it a lot since I got it. It holds up pretty well (I don't take care of my bags at all!:shame:smile: so I I would have to say it's pretty durable. If you've LOVED it and wanted it for a long time, keep it and enjoy it! Don't let other people's opinions influence you. At the end of the day, you are the one that has to carry the bag!;)
  13. I definately think you should own at least one denim bag. I have the blue baggy PM. I was being cheap. I really wanted the neo speedy!! LOL But I have received the MOST complements on that bag and its sooooo easy!
  14. I agree, price and/or popularity shouldn't be what makes the final decision for you. I think the denim line is very cute and I was VERY torn on getting a mini pleaty, but in the end I think I've decided the denim line is not a priority for me and this was for a combination of reasons. I haven't even been able to get myself to buy it, if you've already come that far you obviously really like the bag. I like how Irene put it, "if you've loved it and wanted it for a long time, keep it and enjoy it!" This is how I feel about the lexington which is what I'm going to get instead of the mini pleaty.