Neo speedy

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  1. I am relatively new to LV bags- wondering if the Neo Speedy also comes in the traditional monogram canvas rather than just in denim?
  2. Unfortunately not. I don't know if it's possible to get it in canvas mono as a special order. But I know that it's only offered in denim in stores.
  3. What is a neo-Speedy?
  4. Thank you! I like the shape just not crazy about the denim~
  5. The denim works really well with all colours. It's a great day bag! When I first got it, I wasnt so sure, it was an impulse buy relly. But now I love it! Its patina as moving on well, and the denim is worn in and lovely.

    If you like the shape go for a monogram speedy or wait for a damier one- though both will be little taller.
    If you like the Neo for the koala/press lock closure, then you may want to go for the Manhatten (PM or GM).
  6. I will check it out! Thanks for all of the info!!!:biggrin: