Neo speedy question

  1. Are the neo speedies here to stay or will they be discontinued soon? I want the pink one (think Denis Richards!) but have to wait until July and I want to make sure I can buy it in the store!
  2. The Neo Speedy will be around but I think the fuschia is seasonal and discontinued....
  3. blue is permanent line, and i believe the green and pink are seasonal so they are around until they are sold out.
  4. I think both the pink and the green were seasonal colors.
  5. Lol Bag Fetish..we posted at the same time! We think alike :yes:
  6. ^^ too funny :smile:
  7. The Neo speedy is soooo cute, but I think I like the Baggy PM better bc it can go over the shoulder.
  8. ^^ I agree, I love my baggy pm. I have been thinking about a baggy gm in pink for summer.
  9. ^OMG TPF member Stefania has one and it is to DIE for!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
  10. ^^ :smile: i drool when i see this bag, I may sell my speedy and fund the gm with that. I guess i better decide soon before they're gone..
    I havent seen many pink gm's on eBay. :sad:

    I'm a die hard shoulder bag person... so i know i'd truly enjoy this bag and more so the pink :smile:
  11. The pink looks soooo beautiful IRL.

    Good luck on getting your hands on one--can't wait to see pics!! :smile:
  12. the pink colour is very nice!
  13. Thanks guys. The pink is something I wouldn't typically buy but it's SOOO cute and would be fun for the summer! Might have to tell DH to get it now....hmmm....
  14. aw i hope you get it, the pink speedy is gorgeous!
  15. I love the pink speedy!