neo speedy question

  1. Ok...thanks to Ichelle, I have spent the day obsessing about the fuschia neo speedy! I am absolutely in love with this bag! Originally I was going to get the baggy pm (in either blue or fuschia) but after seeing her pics (look at her's simply tdf) I think I may have to get it. My DH about had a heart attack when I told him how much it costs though so I don't know. My question is this.......does the denim speedy hold much? Can someone post a picture of the inside of theirs with all their stuff in it? Is it much bigger than the mono speedy 25? I really think I must have this bag for the summer !!!!:yahoo:
  2. yes yes yes! holds all this with room to spare
    go get her! let me warn you, your speedy 25 will be very jealous :smile:
  3. Oh my god I am salivating over all your pictures!! Thanks afcgirl too for the info.
  4. I'll join your club becaue I am also obsessed! I NEED one of thess bags in Fuschia too! I can't get one because I am in Hawaii and no one will ship it here. I am sooooooooo SAD!!! I hope you can get one. I think the elux free ship code is MODE.
  5. It will hold as much as the speedy 25 and more.
    speedy 25 is
    • 10" L x 7" H x 6" W
    • speedy 30 is
    • 12" L x 8" H x 6.5" W
    • denim speedy is
    • 12.5x6.2" x 6.2"
    So its bigger the speedy 25 and not as tall as the 30.
    much easier to get into then the speedy 25 because its not as deep you can see everything.

  6. I thought fushia was allready discontinued?

    How bout all thise fushias now? i would love to have a denim pleaty, but elux doesn't ship here, how to get it then?
  7. Thanks for your replies guys. I believe it is discontinued but there are some left.
  8. I am in Hawaii and they don't ship here either. If I figure something out I'll let you know!:yes:
  9. gooood luck gals!!!! :heart:
  10. :yes: exactly ^ one of the reasons why i love it so!
  11. Such an adorable color for summer!!
  12. 600 post for me here! Omg bagladie, I am so excited for you if you get this bag!!!! I feel like I've been on your journey w/ you to get the perfect bag for spring/summer. I remember you entertaining an mc speedy(white?) and then the baggy pm of course! Then I recall seeing a pomme vernis bag in your sig for a while, lol. But my favorite so far that you've entertained is the neo speedy!!! I would love to get one myself but out my league, I'd have to save forever and not patient enough to do that. GL in your decision. I just saw the fuscia and olive on elux recently like only weeks ago, I think you have a shot at it! Can't wait! So then you're on the market for a new bag soon, cool!

    but i oh so want to....again, thanks to ichelle and her tdf pics!! :rolleyes:

    good luck bagladie on your purchase!!
  14. Ann, you sound EXACTLY like my mommy :love:!! lol! After I showed her the Fuchsia Neo Speedy, she REALLY wants it!! LOL!! I :heart: the bag, I think it would look really cute on you!! OT, you look stunning in ur avatar!!