Neo speedy owners, did you get a box when you bought it?

  1. I bought a bag in Cannes and the SA didn't give me a box for it. She said it wouldn't fit in any LV boxes that she had. Is that ture?
  2. Humm thats funny...I bought all 3 colors and got a box for each. Maybe she didnt want to look in the back room for one. If you really want one just go to your local LV boutique and show them your receipt then ask them for one. there shouldnt be any problems.
  3. I got one because I said she should pack it as a present :P
  4. I was asked if I want a box and I said NO.
  5. Maybe the store didn't have the right size for it at that time.

    I didn't get any box for my speedy. I didn't ask either. When I bought my BH, I asked for a box. The nice SA showed me both a soft box and a huge hard box. I picked the soft one.
  6. I got a box with mine