Neo Speedy or Baggy PM?

  1. Can't decide which I like better. I really thought I wanted a shoulder bag but the Neo denim speedy is really catching my eye.
    Please let me know what you like about these different bags.:love:

    I usually love shoulder bags better so I can have both hands free but the neo speedy looks so cool.
    Any thoughts? How much can you fit in both bags?:biggrin:
  2. I know this won't really help you but u couldnt decide either so I got both (except I got the GM):lol: :lol:

    The neo is really cute but if you tend to carry a lot of stuff I think the baggy would hold more and its hands free too.
  3. The baggy PM is a great hands free, shoulder bag. I have one and the single strap is very comfortable!:biggrin:
  4. I used my Neo Speedy today and the bag is super light. I love it! I only wished it had a shoulder strap option.
  5. I say the Speedy! I love my Neo Speedy!! I want to get one in green now too.

  6. I have the Baggy PM and I usually carry a cosmetic bag, wallet, cell phone, Palm and there is still enough room for keys and small items in the pockets. Enough room for me. And strap stays on shoulder!
  7. Baggy! The only denim I like!
  8. I'm loving the pic's that were pocted of the baggy pm (pink and olive) I never would have thought you could dress up the pic with a nice casual suit but it looks great!

    I like both the noe and the baggy.. I WANT BOTH !!!!
  9. What pics? Where are they?
  10. Def the baggy. You can also buy the optional longer shoulder strap that allows you to wear the bag messenger style.
  11. OMG osh i cant find the link now.. i have the pic's here you go...

    HEre are pic's of the blue and pink baggy and the blue pink and green Noe..
    I will post the link when i locate it..

    quote=Iluvbags]What pics? Where are they?[/quote]
    img10151830427.jpg lv-ba060428-4-7.jpg 1922.jpg untitledgrren.jpg untitledpink.jpg
  12. Have a question. Is the denim line as a whole a limited collection or is it only the pink and green colors that are limited? Anyone know?
  13. I have the baggy pm and absolutely love it! fits alot! very comfortable to wear.
  14. I like shoulder bags, so I'd have to say the Baggy PM!
  15. The pink & green is limited to this season only while the blue is permanent.

    I love the neo speedy in green :love: