neo speedy or baggy pm?

  1. hi all...i just recently joined this forum and i'd like to say that i'm really having a fun time reading all your posts...i can spend the entire day just reading this forum :smile:

    just want to get your inputs coz i'm planning to buy a bag but can't decide which one...the neo speedy or the baggy pm? share your thoughts please?

    also, i might be travelling to hong kong or singapore in the next any of you know where it's cheaper to get those bags?

    thanks in advance!

    :yes: ;)
  2. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:
    I like the Denim Baggy PM just because it's adorable!
  3. Welcome! : )

    I agree with Pinki, the Baggy PM gets my vote!
  4. LOVE both!!! I have a baggy GM in blue, and just ordered a fuschia neo speedy!!!
  5. Welcome!! I vote neo speedy! I :heart: speedies!
  6. Welcome!!
    I love both...but I think I'd get the Baggy!
  7. I love the Neo Speedy, so that gets my vote!

    I'm new too, so welcome :smile: I know how you feel, I could be here ALL day long!
  8. Welcome :flowers:
    I own the Speedy so I'm biased :p
  9. I love both! I think I would go for the shoulder bag though.
  10. Baggy PM because it's a shoulder bag. I find those more convenient to use! I have both those bags though...:love:
  11. denim baggy for me :yes:
  12. I have not made direct comparisons between LV prices in Singapore and Hong Kong.. but based on other brands... I believe HK is cheaper than in Singapore.

    I think I would prefer the SPEEDY... over BAGGY...
  13. baggy pm. and here in hong kong lv bags are cheaper. there are also a lot of second hand stores selling authentic lv bags. infact i saw a denim baggy pm last friday selling for around HKD8,600 (2nd hand) and it was in very good condition!
  14. Welcome :flowers: ! You can't go wrong with either, but my vote goes to Baggy PM.
  15. My vote also goes to the baggy PM, it's just more comfortable carrying it on the shoulder ! :yes: