Neo Speedy Denim Aligator

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  1. Does anyone know if this bag is still available?
  2. I don't believe so, it was extremely limited.
  3. It looks so much better than the regular neo.
  4. Wow! May I ask what the retail for that bag was? It's just purely out of curiosity b/c I've never seen an auction for LV bag that's so high in price and has a bid, too!
  5. I believe the retail was $6K.
  6. the auction ended with bin. did you buy it?
  7. i think it's not still available was a limited edition with its shoes....too late!
  8. It's gorgeous but is it 8x as good as a regular neo? I don't think so. I'd go for hermes instead. V
  9. Can't say that I like that bag. I'm not a huge fan of the demin line. Certain bags in the demin line have potential though.
  10. I just can't justify the $5k difference just for the aligator trim..
  11. I never knew it was that much! I was thinking like $3500, hey I love it but it is just alligator trim.
  12. Oh i don't know the exact price. I am just quoting someone's price above.
  13. 5 grand? shucks!
    but the bag is beautiful, tho
  14. Beautiful bag :biggrin: