Neo or Mon Mono?

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Which lovely NF?

  1. Violet/Bleu de France

  2. Bordeax/Fuchsia

  3. Neo Fuchsia

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So as the release of the Neo Neverfull gets closer, I'm trying to make sure I'm making the right decision. I haven't purchased a Mono Neverfull because I have been waiting patiently for Neo and I don't want more than one Mono NF. Well, when you wait you get bored...when you get bored, you play with Mon Mono colors, lol. I came up with two colors that I love but can't decide between the two OR if I should just quit playing with colors and get the Neo.

    As we know, the Neo is regular Mono with colored lining and a pochette. I planned to get the fuchsia. These are the other two colors I came up with.

  2. Violet/Bleu de France:
  3. i love the idea of mon mono, its more personal and more unique. they are both nice but since u wanted the fuchsia on the neo, my vote goes to #1 mon mono.
  4. I liked your second look and I feel mon mono is more special, I will be waiting to see the neo but I most likely end up with mon
  5. I like mon mono , it's more unique and personal. The first combo gets my vote
  6. As much as I love pink, I suggest getting the mon mono NF in violet/bleu de france.
  7. Mon mono bordeaux/pink.. I really like the color combo
  8. I vote for the violet/bleu de france ~ I think that is a beautiful combination.
  9. Mon mono. I like both but prefer combo #2.
  10. Mon mono!!!!! The first one !
  11. I agree. I was going to get the fuchsia because I prefer it for me over the yellow but blue and purple are my favorite colors. I think both combinations are gorgeous. Thank you!
    Thanks! It is very pretty and I agree about the Mon Mono being more special. You'll have to let us know what you choose!
    I agree. The Bordeax/Fuchsia is so very pretty. It's just girly enough without being too young for me. Thank you!
    I love pinks too and I want a bag with pink but something about the Violet/Bleu de France is calling me. I think it will be really pretty with a patina too.
    Thanks! I really like it too.
  12. Thank you! It really is, I love it every time I see it...but I feel that way with both...not good.
    Thank you!
  13. Both are nice but if I had to choose...:thinking:
  14. Violet/blue de france...that combo is gorge!
  15. Thanks for your vote! The Violet/Bleu de France is gorgeous and I think it's the one I'm leaning towards. To have a bag be so personal, seems like it would be best to go with my favorite colors. I keep coming back to look at them both and once I think I'm sure, I start to consider the other again...:wacko: