Neo Noe Waitlist?!


Mar 18, 2017
hello :flowers:

I am now on the waitlist for the neonoe and I wanted to ask if someone also was on the Waitlist for her and how long you have waited?
I really really want her but I don't like to wait like 2 months or more.

Cant wait for your answer!

Tiffany April

Sep 24, 2016
Last week I called my SA to check stock and she said there's only 6 left in the US. She was able to order me one and I received it yesterday. I wasn't on a waitlist.


Mar 18, 2012
Not sure how the waitlist works but i asked my sa to place an order for me and she put my name on reserve list and she said it would take about 2 weeks. Two weeks pass i didnt hear back from her so i went into the store to speak to another sa since she wasnt there and he said i was next on the list at my store. So few days later i text her and she says they are waiting for the new strap. So im like ok. and then another two week passes still didnt hear from her. So i spoke to another sa and apparently my names no where to be found and i told her that my sa put my name and she printed a receipt for proof. She notice i was getting frustrated and asked what color i was looking to buy and i said black and said if im interest in buying today and said yes. so she said that she has one on hold for another customer that she can sell to me instead... So not sure how it works since i was told im next and didnt get it but they got them instock for other customers? and apparently there was two in my store because i saw another customer was looking at it when i was leaving the store.
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Feb 4, 2013
The Rose frequently says add to cart, but when you click on it, a box pops up that says out of stock. The red and black can be added to the cart. I'm just going to stop looking and wait for my SA to help. I can be a little more patient.