Neo Noe- Mono or Epi

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  1. Hi,

    Anyone have the Neo Noe in epi? Can’t decide between mono or epi. For spring I’m thinking mono might be better.

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  2. Well I’m partial ( check out the quick revea I just posted)
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  3. So pretty! Love!!!
  4. Mono!
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  5. Mono all the way ;)
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  6. I bought the mono/rose poudre today for Spring/Summer. Can't wait to carry it!
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  7. Epi! The mono is cute but I really love my neo noe in epi noir!
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  8. Epi! Although I would say epi in noir is less carefree than mono. My wife has it, looks awesome, but it's so black that little marks will show. It's a good quality bag and the marks are easily wiped off. It also comes with the extra handle which is exactly how my wife always carries it
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  9. I have the epi version as well, and use the extra handle all the time. But both are great bags. Initially I thought the mono version was somewhat unfinished looking (probably because I was so used to the vachetta bottom on the classic Noe), but it's grown on me.
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  10. I have a mono version in freesia I really like it for summer. But subsequently having recently acquired epi bag. I realise just how durable, slick and versatile it is, plus with it having added bonus of the handles too.
    If you have enough canvas bags in your collection I would choose epi.
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  11. I have two in epi leather. Love them both. The short handle is very useful and love the finish of the epi leather. The bag looks very polished and elegant and it doesn’t scream LV
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  12. My vote is for the EPI.
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  13. I have the Epi (blue with coquelicot) and I love it. Personally, I don't need any more Monogram bags, and mine was gifted by hubby who really likes it all worked out. Something a bit different than the usual. :smile:
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  14. For those of you who have the epi bag, what color do you have? I really like the epi noir but for spring/summer maybe I should change up the color.
  15. Épi, hands down.
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