Neo Noe Epi release

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have seen on different forum that it might arrive soon that the Neo Noe Epi comes out, has anyone any information about it? color, release date, price?

    My store called me to let me know that my neo noe noir arrived but I am not sure know that I know that some Epi might come out soon.

    thanks for any help ;)
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  2. I'm also waiting eagerly....
  3. I just asked at the boutique and it seems like the neonoe epi might hit the stores next month. I don't know the exact USD retail price but after converting is about USD 2000.
  4. I've been wanting the petit noe epi for many years already.... but always ....always... for some reason never pull the trigger... and so many times so close to owning one. Main reason being it is rather "bulky" and takes up a lot of space. And I hate random people touching my bag, even if accidentally. I really hope this neonoe would be the answer to a less bulky petit noe. I'm also hoping the strap will be sturdy like the petit noe...
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  5. Seems that some shop is receiving them finally !!!
    Screenshot_20171216-175752.png Screenshot_20171216-175749.png
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  6. Available on the australian site. Price aud 2'650
    Screenshot_20171216-180545.png Screenshot_20171216-180605.png Screenshot_20171216-180624.png
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  7. Nice that they created multicolor épi versions like the classic 90s Noés!
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  8. Bought today in Lausanne Switzerland!! Neo Noe Indigo Coquelicot!!!!! 25396051_10155665664788445_5146169374322074166_n.jpg
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  10. How much is it in Euros? I hope you don’t mind!!
  11. 1740 swiss francs (we aren't in Euros here!) we also don't have VAT here like they do in the Euro Zone...
  12. Last question!!! What’s the code for this? Thanks By the way, it’s so beautiful!!!
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  13. IMG_4866.jpg
  14. Sooooooo pretty!
  15. Seems like geneva store as a pack of competence.
    I love your bag and i was supposed to be on thé waiting list both in geneva and lausanne.