Neo Executive Tote-- thoughts?

  1. IMG_1503358177.428302.jpg

    Purchased this yesterday but am deciding if it's the right Fall bag for me! Any thoughts on this style bag?
  2. I really like it. It looks like such a useful bag. I love the color too!
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  3. This is probably one of my favorite totes! It's classic and sturdy... the color is TDF by the way!
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  4. I have one in black/beige combo and I love it. It is very sturdy and hold the structure very well because It is caviar so it won't be saggy compare to old executive tote style. At firsts, i want Hermes Garden Party tote as everyday tote but when I compared them, I like Chanel has more pockets inside and plus it has the strap. Good luck with your decision !
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  5. I love this tote and wonder if you could post photos of the interior. I would like a large one in black! Do you know which colors and sizes they come in? Enjoy your purchase
  6. How many pouches are present inside ?? and Whats its Price in Euros :smile: ??
  7. I have this in the black in the largest size
    I love this style, it's understated and elegant. I bought it to use for work conferences. I love the wine colour of your bag, it's beautiful x
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  8. I have this in black in the large, bought it in April of this year, its a work bag and I love it. Roomy, classy and perfect for me. The color is gorgeous.
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  9. I believe there are 4 sizes mini, small, medium and large in different colors such as black, beige, black/beige combo, white, grey, green, navy blue, orange, burgundy etc. I think the above is size small.
  10. The price for size small is 3100 euro. It has total 7 small pockets, 2 outside and 5 inside. Also 2 large compartments.
    Outside front pocket

    IMG_0313.JPG Outside back pocket

    IMG_0316.JPG IMG_0317.JPG
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  11. Here are some pictures of mine... Large Cerf in black.
    Cerf 1.jpg Cerf 2.jpg Cerf 3.jpg Cerf 4.jpg Cerf 5.jpg Cerf 6.jpg Cerf 7.jpg
  12. IMG_1503624287.985506.jpg
    I know the bag comes in a mini size-- this is the one bigger than that-- the small I guess, although it's not small at all. It has lots of pockets and compartments.
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  13. Is this color available in the US?
  14. Personally, this bag does nothing for me. Take off the Chanel lock and it could be a Michael Kors bag found at Marshall’s.
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  15. Yes I got it in the US— Saks actually
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