Neo cabby Success

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  1. Just wanted to post- eluxury was great and returned my last Neo Cabby MM without complaint it was just so worn looking and had no tags at all out of the box! I was very upset and they sent me a new one. It is perfect and MUCH darker black than the last- beautiful!! I took it for a test drive today and I love it. So happy I went with the MM size as I can fit everything I need in it. Just wanted to share that elux is really good at customer service in case anyone is wondering about buying from them. I had reat luck!!! They even paid the priority shipping for me!!
  2. Glad to hear this -- congrats on your Neo Cabby!
  3. congrats on your bag...the neo cabby is so fabulous
  4. Thanks so much. I'm happy I stuck with it and tried it again. The first one looked HORRIBLE and I wasn't sure if they were all that faded, but luckily it worked out. LV is so addictive!!!!!!!