~~Neo cabby owners please help me out~~

  1. Lately I am thinking about getting a neo cabby and deciding whether I should get the GM or MM. Since I am might use it for school (for my A4 folder, azur pochette assessories, a water bottle, a wallet, keys), the net weight of the bag is one of the fact I will consider. Can any neo cabby owner weight your neo cabby? I know it is a little odd but it should be the most accurate reference.
    BTW, I am using BH for school and I just love it!!!!!!!!! :love:
  2. hmmm...:sad: Ithink A4 folder can't fit those Neo Cabby MM and GM coz I have this one too and did try to fit apparently not fit inside

    you can bring A4 folder to try out at boutique

    about the size.. depend on your body proportion (sp?)

    say you are thin/slim body opt MM size
    average/overlimit body opt GM size
    these are model ideal good looking if you wear that bag as shoulder bag as well hand held carrying bag too..

    but.. if you opt to use 'messenger style' which across body go use bigger size...

    however I read most thread forums that suggest BH is more suitable for school situation due structure body bag whereas Neo Cabby is too soft which likely ideal for casual or informal evening situation

    I hope this help you :flowers:
  3. Thanks CrazyLv...............it is too bad that A4 doesn't fit.........
    The reason I like neo cabby is because I love that fact that you can wear it as messager style. Actually, I am also thinking about Palermo.........maybe i will go to the boutique to try them on during Thanksgiving.............so bad to live in a non-LV state though..............(but maybe it is good so I will not spend that much money):blush:
  4. Hi chiangwaiwai.

    I have a Cabby GM and I LOVE it so I definitely recommend it.

    I took some pictures of my Cabby GM with what I normally carry in it and I added a binder and a spiral note book to give you an idea of what it can hold. I forgot to add a water bottle but I know for sure it would have easily fit. I also weighed the bag with everything in it and it was 8.4 pounds.

    Here's the pictures....


    Inside is...

    Car keys
    Digital Camera (Inside Pink Hello Kitty Pouch)
    Azur Mini Pochette (Makeup)
    Harajuku Lovers Pouch (Pill bottle, Girlie stuff, Gum, car phone charger etc...)
    Ralph Lauren Sunglasses
    Vernis Framboise Small Ring Agenda (used as wallet)
    Vernis Framboise Cles (coin purse)
    White binder with paper in it
    Spiral Notbook
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  5. Neptune,
    WOW!! that's brilliant idea the picture of an example what's stuff inside Neo Caby to give best illustrate for Chiangwaiwai

    I love your fuschia wallets :love:, it's stand out colour contract to black!

    my school era is over so I no longer need spiral note or A4 to fit this bag :push:

    Chiangwaiwai, LV bag style have heaps suitable for school situation

    good luck finding ur ideal bag!! :tup:
  6. :tup:Neptune, those are great pictures which help a lot!!!!! I got the CONFORMATION that I SHOULD bring her home:heart:
  7. Woohoo, congrats, I'm glad I could help. Make sure you post when you get your new bag. :tup:
  8. You can't wear the MM messenger style. The strap is too short. Go for the GM.
  9. Yep i think the GM would be a great choice. I have the MM and love it, it can become quite heavy though, but the GM can be worn messanger style so it's not so bad.
  10. omg this bag is gorgeous......i've set my eyes on getting the speedy 35 but now i found this bag, i really want it, however $1800 is a lot of money!!!!!! i'm sad i can't afford to buy this =(
  11. I just bought the neo cabby MM in black! I can't wait to get it! I love the black denim. I don't need it for school stuff but that is a great idea for those of you who are still in school.