neo cabby or ursula

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  1. i only can afford to buy 1 bag. i want either the cabby or the ursusla. if cabby MM or GM and if ursula should i get the black or white?
  2. cabby GM!
  3. Ursula in white!
  4. Cabby. I have the black Neo Cabby GM and I love it.
  5. cabby!
  6. Cabby GM :yes:
  7. i love both bags. can you wear a dress with the cabby?
  8. Black cabby!
  9. Black Neo Cabby GM!

    But if you get the Ursula, I would get the white MC. I usually prefer Black, but this bag looks better in White IMO:love:
  10. neo cabby without a doubt.
  11. Black Neo Cabby GM. It is more versatile. I personally don't like the MC bags, only the accesories. Strange I know.
  12. Definitely the WHITE MC URSULA hands down. :yes:
  13. I have a lot of rain and since the Cabby is denim I would chose the Ursula.
  14. Black cabby for sure!!! I have the MM and love it!
  15. cabby GM!!!!