neo cabby or red epi????

  1. I cant decide...:confused1:help needed...
    which one you get... denim neo cabby (I cant decide the color also:smile:)) or red epi passy, alma etc....
    thanks for your help...:love:
  2. black neo cabby. :yes:
  3. Red Alma - i have bought mine last week and it's gorgeous. It's classy and timeless.
  4. ^^ what RoseMary said :tup:
  5. my vote goes to neo cabby!
  6. red alma a classic
  7. Neo Cabby!
  8. Red epi!
  9. neo cabby!
  10. Red Epi Alma!
  11. Red epi alma. It's so classy and sophisticated.
  12. red epi. the epi line is almost indestructible, while as the neo is cotton, so you run your risk of damaging it. both bags are really hot, but i vote red epi.
  13. neo cabby black
  14. Red epi vote here!:smile:
  15. Prefer Red Epi Passy...