Neo Cabby MM.........

  1. Can someone tell me the weight of this bag. I rarely carry my LV's anymore , one reason being that they are so heavy. I'm used to my 1.5# Balenciaga's but I really love this bag in black. I saw the weight for the MM in the thread but there wasn't a weight for the GM.
  2. Go for the MM....I have it in black and love it!!! It does remind me of my Balenciaga.
  3. I have the MM and I don't think it is heavy at all. Great bag!
  4. the MM isnt heavy at all but I'm sure it'll be heavier than a bbag.
  5. It's (MM) heavier than the City but if you remove the strap it's about the same weight.(about 750g). I've been carrying it without the strap as I don't use it at all.
  6. The hardware does make it a bit heavier than other bags made of fabric (I have the MM) but it's ok as long as you don't stuff it with heavy items such as books.
  7. Ya, the MM doesn't really look that heavy at all...
  8. It's not heavy. I have mine completely loaded with junk, too. It can barely zip! LOL
  9. I think the mm would be great choice for you compared to your b bags.
  10. I am not sure of the weight but it is NOT heavy at all!!!!! Go for it!
  11. I have one in GM and it's so far the lightest school bag I have ever purchased. I stuff my textbook (1000pgs thick) with other junk and it is still as light as feather! (with a bit of exaggeration) I may feel this way because I have been carrying Rita religiously for the past few weeks and gained glorious bloody bruises..
  12. The GM is 2lb empty. I've had no problem with the weight at all. The MM is the smaller of the two so 'm guessing it's lighter then 2lbs.
  13. Hi Powder... I don't know the neo cabby's exact weight, but it is lighter than the Bal city IMO.