Neo Cabby MM


neo cabby mm

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  1. Who is going to get one? I called vuitton and they said that they will be around for a few seasons...the black demin with handles looks so classy and chic...I have never been into the demim line but that bag is super hot...what do you think about the bag?
  2. I really like MM the smaller size or is it PM/MM only? Well, anyway, I do like the bag in pictures, if I like it IRL I may consider getting the small size. It is $1500 so I'll have to consider carefully!
  3. Karman according to vuitton # it will come in mm and then a gm much bigger version...the mm will measure around 15x13x4...the pic is so nice...I have no clue how to post a pic of this bag...if anyone can feel free to add it to the is pricey indeed...but,the whole denim collection in general in pricey too....
  4. Okay, then it's the MM that I'm thinking of. I wish they'd come out with a PM too, denim Pleaty size.
  5. In pics so far I love it. Now will I have the cash for it? Who knows!!!
  6. I have no idea what the bag looks like (been out of the loop for too long) so I will need to see pics before I can cast vote!:nuts:
  7. i love the bag, but like Karman, the price is kinda out of my price range at the moment so I will have to consider. I hope they come out with other styles in the new black denim. I don't have an item from that line yet and would really like one!!
  8. any pics of the bag?
  9. I'm on the waitlist for it.....we'll see what I think IRL. I hope it's as nice as the SA said it's HOT!!
  10. I'm anxious to see a pic! :nuts:
  11. I really like the MM too but my SA has no idea what I am talking about..I can't wait to see photo's of it:heart:
  12. Ever since I saw it, I decided to go for it!! But knowing how huge the MM size is, and how small I am, I'll definitely have to check it out in person before I make the plunge.

    I think it's a hot bag, but I don't know if it will sell really well. I'm guessing sales will be mediocre.
  13. It's HOT!
  14. i'm waitlisted for the MM. but my SA told me that the neo cabby is seasonal. i'm hoping that as they get more info about them, the length of time its around changes. too many good things in a short period of time.
  15. i borrowed a pic from nyaao from different thred....(i hope you don't mind!!!)

    this is hot!!! i want it!!!!! :tup::heart: