Neo Cabby MM and Baggy PM

  1. I like Denim baggy PM more than my Neo Cabby but because of the patina issue so I bought a neo cabby in black.

    Now I plan to keep only one of these two and I don't know which one I could let it go. I will use the money to fund for a new bag ( Balenciaga 2008 step, an Epi speedy and Chanel Paris B. tote)

    I just bought a Neo Cabby last week but black wouldn't be a permanent color so I think she will be less hot anytime soon.

    or I should keep both and forget about the new bag.

    What do you think?:flowers:
  2. keep the cabby in black..
  3. I'd keep the Black Cabby. Like you said, it has no vachetta so there's no patina issues to worry's worry free. I have a Black Cabby & love it to pieces!!
  4. I like the neo cabby better... But it sounds like YOU like the baggy better, so I'd keep the baggy. The baggy is a great bag with cute shape too, so if it appeals to you more keep it. I personally am liking darker bags better right now, so I prefer the cabby for myself. By the way, I've had/have both bags, you can't lose with either.
  5. Keep the bag you love the most. It sounds like you're leaning towards the Baggy. If another handbag is tugging at your heartstrings then return the Cabby and go for it. Your bags should make you WANT to use them, and be HAPPY you have them. If not - send them out for someone else.
  6. I lie the black because of the worry free and I like te strap
  7. i like the black cabby but keep the bag you love the most :heart:
  8. Denim itself is forever hot, whether it's blue or black.
  9. keep both!!!
  10. I vote for Denim baggy PM
  11. I'd keep both... they're both cute and functional!
  12. Id keep the Cabby in black!
  13. Keep the cabby theres something about the baggy that just doesn't scream Vuitton to me, plus again the vachetta issue.
  14. If you really love the baggy more, prehaps you should get that if it will make you happier in the long run. However i personally prefer the cabby, i love everything about it; the leather and the colour, but i'm biased as i have one :p
  15. I'd keep the Cabby. It's such a versatile bag.