Neo Cabby in Damier canvas??anyone know this bag??

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  1. Hi
    I'm waiting for the Black Neo Cabby in MM but the SA said the new shipment hasn't come yet then she told me she just got the bag that has the same shape with Neo Cabby but in Damier canvas like the pic

    so now is my dilemma ?which bag should I get??? anyone have seen this bag irl? I'm going to the shop this Thursday to see it ?The SA said the only different is the canvas of the bag:confused1: opinion pls!!!!

    I got the pic from the thread that mention this info sorry I couldn't remember the name of the thread or the owner of the pic but it belongs to LV Pfer here. It's not my picture. Thank for your pic
  2. Yes it is.
    It's gorgeous!
  3. No problem! I remembered the thread because I thought the bag was so gorgeous (and I am usually not that into Damier).

    I don't think you should settle though. If your heart is telling you to wait for the denim, then you should do so. But if you love this just as much, then go for it. It is beautiful and classy. :tup:
  4. ^^^^^ yeahh I think I have to see it first but too bad the shop will not have the Black Neo Cabby to compare it with the Trevi. Ohhh this hard ...what should I do...the denim is for casual and the trevi is classic!!!
    I will go o/s by end of September so I need the bag to go with me (it's good coz it's has both handheld and shoulder)
  5. That's a tough one. I have the black neo cabby MM and I absolutely love it, and I'm waiting for my Trevi to be delivered (hopefully later today)...maybe once I get the Trevi I can give you a better answer! LOL

    Good Luck deciding!
  6. Both are nice and classic in my opinion.. hmm.. why is LV coming up with so many new models lately?!!! Its making us very 'bankrupt' hahaha..
  7. oh oh pls pls let me know how you feel to the bag and compare both to each other (pic pls)
    You're lucky girl that you can have both, I only have to pick one otherwise DH will kill me :push: will wait for your answer ...thanks a lot
  8. If you really want the denim, wait for the cabby. I really love my cabby and the black denim is just so different.

  9. Yeahh I agree the denim is so different ummmm
  10. OMG!!!! It's beautiful! Bad news to my bank account though *sigh* and yes LV is making all of us become poorer and poorer!
  11. neocabby black demin gets my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I think you shoud go for the neo cabby! It is a great bag, and it is limited.... Get the denim while you can, and get this one later!