Neo cabby hardware question

  1. Hi fellow TPF'rs,

    Those of you that have the black neo cabby, how golden is the hardware? It looks somewhat subdued in the pics I've seen.

  2. It is subdued, has like a blackish tarnished looking finish on it--different than the other denims and the monograpms. It is also heavier and thicker. Looks kinda cool in my opinion. Maybe it won't chip and scratch as easy as the others (fingers crossed).
  3. I agree with the above description.
    FYI due to the hardware the bag is a litte heavier than anticipated.
  4. Yep, it's vintage looking and heavier. I'm thinking it won't tarnish.
  5. Yes, it is an antiqued brass and looks amazing against the black denim! I saw it in person the other day and loved it.
  6. all the above descriptions are dead on! i think it matches the black denim MUCH better.
  7. I wore mine today.^They all described the hardware to a T.
    Its a fab bag....I dont find it heavy at all
  8. So it's not a yellow, golden color? HOORAY!!!!
    That's the answer I wanted. I'm a silver hardware girl but can work with this vintage looking metal. Hooray! Countdown to birthday bag!
  9. What size is the MM? Elux has the size for the GM but not the MM. I am trying to decide!