neo cabby denim

  1. Hi all,

    This will be my first time buying a louis vuitton and I have my eyes on the neo cabby mm for a loonng while now. Ok, question. Should I get the blue denim or the black denim? I can't decide! I find the black one classy and the blue one more casual but I love them both! So what do you think? :smile:
  2. Definitely get the black --- it is really classy-looking and plus, the black is a new color!
  3. Black of course! Its much more sophisticated and its the bag in all the LV ads!
  4. if you really can't decide on what color to get.. get them in both colors... :hrmm:

    kidding aside, I like the black one better than blue.. if you want a blue denim.. get the neo speedy, or the baggy PM, or baggy GM.. those are diff styles than the neo cabby.. at least you'll get those two colors with two diff styles.. ;)
  5. Personally I prefer blue though alot of tpfers bought black. Black looks more formal while blue looks casual.
  6. i have one in black and i really REALLY love this bag. you don't have to worry about vachetta getting dirty and it really goes with any outfit.
  7. I like the black! But it is your decision!
  8. Black for sure!
  9. black
  10. I bought the black because I have the Baggy in Blue. If I didn't already have the blue baggy I would've got the blue Cabby. I like the contrast of blue and vachetta.
  11. Def. get the black!
  12. Black one :heart:
  13. Black
  14. I have the black and love it. nice to have a bag that you don't have to worry about the vachetta.
  15. I have the black GM and am using it during our Toronto Film Festival. It is sooo roomy. Another reason I love it is all the options. Cross-body, shoulder, hand held or bent elbow. It's a great bag.