Neo Cabby Black GM.

  1. This is rather nervous. posting here for the very first time. :shame: Im literally a virgin TPF poster..

    Anywho, I went to the local boutique today and bought a Neo Cabby in Black GM.
    Erm, so I came back home and realised that the serial number card was missing!! I never have had history of going back to get any of my LV items repaired so Im not quite sure if I need it for in case,, emergency purposes?

    Come to think of it, I think I saw the SA taking it out of the bag? she took everything out and put the other sutff back in, but not the card?

    And also, to other GM users,, do you guys have 3~4 punching holes on your strap? the length of my strap is ok to wear as a cross bag but it only has 2 holes. Isn't that strap meant for the MM only? or does the strap design vary depends on where you live?

    Im confused. and still wonder why the SA took the card out. I thought she had put it back. she's not even my SA..:confused1:
  2. Hi, welcome to TPF. Don't be nervous, everyone here is really nice. Congratulations on your new Neo Cabby GM!

    It sounds like you're missing the little Denim care booklet. LV's don't have serial numbers. You'll find the date code inside stamped on the beautiful lining. I'm sure if you went back to the store and asked for the booklet they would happily give you one.

    One time I thought my receipt was in the bag and I called and they gave it to me the next time I went in.

    I'll have to look at my strap when I get home. I don't remember how many holes are punched in it. But it works wonderfully cross-body. You're going to love that bag. I sure do!
  3. Oh, I forgot to say that the little booklet shouldn't have anything to do with repairs. You shouldn't even need your receipt.
    Is your strap too short to wear cross-body when you put it on?
  4. Congrats on your new LV and welcome to the Purse Forum.
  5. Congrats! love the bag!!
  6. Hi, and welcome! I don't think you need any cards or tags for repairs. Congrats!
  7. Thank you queenmab n everyone!! Im stocked to have this bag!!
    Just THE perfect everyday bag!! =D

    question though, I do have a denim care booklet. What I'm missing is the little tiny white paper thingy that has its unique numbers with barcode on??

    My other purchases from boutiques,duty free and even dept. stores oversease came with that paper piece.. (not sure what it's called)

    or is it an authenticity card or sth that I'm missing?
    I really did see the SA put it away somewhere.. :push:

    or I might as well go n ask in a couple of weeks time when I must get there again. :sad:
  8. hmm. i'm not at home right now so i can't check but i remember there was more than 2 holes in the strap??
  9. Hi and welcome to tPF!

    You don't really need the tag with the barcode on it... it's just going to be sitting in the box that the bag came with, right? If you're worried about taking it in for repairs later on, it's ok. Just bring it in and they should accept it without a problem. They have your purchase history in the system anyway. :tup:

    As for authenticity cards, LV doesn't give those out. The only booklets/tags they give out [and they don't always include them with bags, so don't freak out if you don't receive one] are the care booklet [except Mono, Damier, Damier Azur Canvas bags since it's canvas and doesn't require muchh special attention], barcode tag, and material tag.
  10. :smile: Hi! I have a Black Neo Cabby GM and my strap has 5 holes to adjust it _ on the crossbody strap. On each end of the cabby is a small strap to adjust the bag bigger or smaller, that has 3 holes in it. I wonder if you have the correct strap? Maybe you should measure it and call the store to be sure its the right one. My strap measure approx 26 inches when its on the 5th hole, meaning it can get as long as 30 inches plus. I hope this helps you.
  11. My shoulder strap has 5 holes too.
  12. Welcome to TPF!!! Your bag sounds so beautiful :smile:
  13. congrats on the cabby! such a great bag, i hav the PM version. The strap for the GM should be long enough for it to be worn as a messanger, the strap for the PM is much shorter and the bag only reaches about your hips when worn with it.
    I have never recieved that little card with the barcode and numbers on it when i have purchased in Australia, but overseas i have and i have seen people here with it in pictures. I think they generally take it out when you buy it. If you have to go back for repairs you should be in the system anyway, so you wont need this.
  14. Thank you,randomlily n everyone for the tips. After 3posts I already feel TPF is growing in me tremendously. :girlsigh:

    I thought the little tiny piece of paper that states the name of the model and the barcode is some sort of proof of authenticity? That's why I have never thrown them away. (those gathered from my little collection) Hmm, but nevertheless I think I should call the SA and inquire about the length of the strap tomoro. (still, if I was accidentally given a shorter strap, why am I being able to wear it as a messanger? .. im over 170cm)

    Anywho, randomlily, I always seem to be able to find the barcode paper piece inside the item everytime I purchase from the Rocks boutique? but maybe it's not even that important after all..:rolleyes:
  15. Welcome! and congrats on your new bag.