Nelly & His Birthday Ass Cake !

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    The lovely Samantha Ronson.
  3. Oh wow! It doesn't even look like a cake!
  4. hhhm.. that look so sexist.... but still look yummmy:yes:
  5. Nelly who? Just kidding... where has he been?
  6. that looks so disgusting!

    what is with the obsession with fannies (love that word), do they know what comes out of it.

    Oh wait, didn't he have a denim line called "Apple Bottoms"
  7. Yeah, his clothing line is called apple bottom and that's what's written on his big ass cake
  8. uh, that's ... tacky!
  9. LOL! too funny.
  10. I guess he likes to... um.. eat the ass.
  11. Wow that just screams "class"
  12. Classy.
  13. that's a whole other area in the UK LOL!
  14. Maybe its a tribute to his Apple bottom brand?

    It's an interesting concept though!
    I have never gotten a cake like that!:lol:
  15. Yuck.