Nella studded satchel

  1. This is my first post here and I am really not very familiar with these bags. I just wanted to say...[​IMG] LOVE!!!!!!!!!:nuts:

    Your thoughts?

    **sorry if something like this has been posted before, I didn't find anything using the search feature.
  2. Unfortunately not my style...
  3. not sure about this one. would have to see in real.
  4. That is one HOT Burberry! :nuts:
  5. Just wanted to know what the Burberry experts/lovers thought. Does anyone here have something like this or the kind V.Beckham has? I HAVE to see this in real life..:love:
  6. I checked this one out in person a week or so ago and loved it. Despite an excess of studs, it isn't trendy or too edgy.
  7. Love the slouch and leather aspect of it!