Nejma perfume samples

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  1. Thanks these look great
  2. Thanks, Britt_ash! I've signed up for SO MANY freebies you've posted! What can I say, I'm a college student. These look really nice- I requested Nejma 1!
  3. Yeah Thanks, I requested #5 and #2.
  4. Thanks a bunch I love OUD
  5. Thanks so much Britt for all the great posts. I send these to my daughter in college she likes getting little presents!
  6. I just got an email saying that my msg wasn't delivered bc the mailbox is full..I guess a lot of tpfrs have sent their requests
  7. Thanks I love Oriental fragrance and I have never heard of this company. I hope I love the samples so I can order some full size bottles.
  8. Thanks! I hope they will actually send
  9. Thanks! I just ordered Four and Five... I love the scent of Jasmin (actually, I drink Jasmine tea almost every morning!)
  10. Well, my request didn't go thru as their email is STILL full! I got the bounced email notice after the server tried for 2 days. :sad:
  11. I also received notice about full mail box :sad: