Neither rain nor snow (storm) can keep me from Chanel but...

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  1. I've been waiting for this bag for what seems like forever and on the day it's supposed to arrive, it's a snow storm outside! Not one to forgo Chanel for comfort and warmth, I make my way to the mail room to pick up my package. :yahoo:

    The packaging was gorgeous and everything but when i saw the bag, I was kind of surprised. When I spoke to my SA, she told me about the new reworked shapes, no more pinched tops and bottoms but my metallic navy 227 definitely has a bowed out bottom.

    Is this normal? I know it was normal for the old batches of reissues but I thought this was supposed to be a new shape? :confused1: Do other 227'ers have this problem with their bag? I tried doing a search on the forum but most pictures weren't of the base and if they were they were quite flat looking to me..

    Did I get a defective one or will the bowed bottom be smoothed out over time or depending on what I put in it?




  2. yep, my black matte reissue with gold h/w from 07A has a bowed out bottom too and i actually like it that way lol. it kinda grew on me. at first when i saw the grey one in Paris, i freaked out b/c i thought it was a defect so i didn't buy it then! funny, huh? now i'm searching for that grey one i saw, what an idiot! i've been kicking myself ever since :girlsigh: congrats on your navy reissue!! it's worthy of the wait and journey!! now we need modeling piccies :graucho:
  3. Yes this is normal. My new navy blue metallic reissue 227 that I got last week looks just like this as does my 2007 black metallic reissue 227. It does not really smooth out that much over time. I think some folks put cardboard or something on the bottom to make it smoother. I personally love the little bowed out bottom.
  4. thank you ladydeluxe and clandy!!

    ladydeluxe>> will do! thanks for your reassuring words, lol i can totally understand how you feel about missing out on the gray reissue. hopefully there will be gorgeous grays for the fall! hehe will do, i'll post modeling pictures soon :smile:

    clandy>> thank you so much! good to know the same thing is happening to your reissue and it's normal. it's just weird that so many of the other pictures i saw don't show this. thank you!! :smile:
  5. Perfectly normal and very gorgeous too!
  6. totally normal, you will NOT be able to find one without this....but I put my checkbook (yes, I know you ask why am i still carrying a checkbook, get out of the 90's ??) but that seems to add firmness and support to the bottom of the once it's full it flattens out anyway! enjoy, she's stunning
  7. So cool! Enjoy your new Reissue!!!
  8. Beautiful navy you got there!
  9. i'm so glad to hear it's normal! cos mine has a slight bowed out bottom as well, it's pretty ok once you load her up actually, so no worries :smile: glad to hear it's not a defect!
  10. Thank you Jayne, Trisha, Josie, Anonymous and Isadora!! :flowers:

    I just thought it was the new feature of the bags to not have the bowed out bottom. The checkbook at the base is definitely a good idea!
  11. See, I knew there was a valid reason to still carry my checkbook!
  12. Checkbooks are good too if you don't carry lots of cash, an AMEX card or a Neiman Marcus card when you walk into Neiman Marcus to buy a Chanel :smile:
  13. My gold and dark silver from Paris arrived packed with a very bowed out bottom. I was surprised at first, but my joy in receiving the bags overcame the bottom part. It's not that bowed out anymore because I've managed to inverse the bowed out part.
  14. Yess it is indeed very normal, just purchased my first navy reissue last week too and the bottom is very much like yours but the SA then told me it is very normal and she told me to put loads of paper stuffing to keep the bottom flat =D
  15. Congrats pluiee.. I am loving the metallic reissues this season. I would looooove to get my hands on one of these but in the future!