Neiman's @ Tyson's Corner, VA

  1. Was there tonight, they had a violet city RH but it's hidden in the back. (She took a hold tag off of it to show it to me.) You may have to wipe my drool off of it :p
    They always have a big selection. I would say there were 50-60 there. Here's what I think I remember :smile:
    They had a jaune RH step, a ton of GH bags in various browns, black, white, ivory, ocean, LE Neiman's blue city. A pine first, grenat part time, pine part time, black weekender, truffle purse, and a gorgeous blue day I would almost call it a teal or turq but the card said 2007 3 I think it has to be the wrong card because it was a lot lighter than my ocean first. And a lot more, can't remember them all!
    No coin purses or makeup clutches :sad:

    Ask for Shim Hyonae 703-350-9381 she's super nice and a total enabler.
  2. Thanks so much.
    I just purchased another violet daybag with gsh.....
    Can`t have too many.....!!:supacool:
  3. The Blue Day is Blue India. I saw that one.:yes:
  4. Thank you so much!!! I've been going crazy trying to figure it out! I wonder where/when they got it?! Is it recent? hmmmm I don't remember it from a couple of weeks ago.:shrugs:
  5. Some one must have returned it. BI is from 2006 but why do they have 2007 cards in it? :confused1:
  6. Thank you for the information....
    I have to go there to check out the violet one :graucho:
  7. Do you remember any colors of the regular hardware bags? :flowers: Too bad no coin purses' - I could have been bad this week. tee hee.
  8. Thanks for the update! I'm going to be in the area on business this week and was hoping to stop by.

    Now, if they'd only had some accessories I might have been persuaded to be naughty while away!