Neimans SF ninja spy photos!

  1. I trotted all around SF today, but I did not spot and probably was not spotted. Boo!

    Oh well, here are some quick photos taken with my trusty boyfriend distracting the SA.

    There were some newer colors, silver/gold GF, and some accessories. I'm not exactly sure of ALL their stock, but I remember some of it. If you're looking for something here thats not in the photos, let me know and I'll try to remember if they had it.

    (I'm most curious about the blue first and the orangy-caramel color in the 3rd pic, what are they?)

    Enjoy! :upsidedown:
    nm1.JPG nm2.JPG nm3.JPG nm4.JPG
  2. MORE. ;)

    nm5.JPG nm6.JPG nm7.JPG
  3. That First is probably Ocean... although it looks kind of pale. I suppose it's possible that it's Blue Glacier?

    Nice spy pictures!
  4. You're right, Cheshire! It is Blue Glacier. I totally forgot about the blues last season...
  5. Hmm..I was going to say it looked like Ocean to me....doesn't it have the contrasting white stitching on it? Also, it looks darker than Blue Glacier.

    I'm stumped about the orangey-caramel...could it be the Paprika?
  6. I GASPED!

  7. Hi fiat!

    I don't really think that its Ocean, isn't Ocean supposed to be richer? I can't remember if there was white stitching or not, but I think I can see some white from the spy photos.

    Regardless, I wasn't really diggin that bag. The color and leather was blah blah blah. :tdown:
  8. Omygosh...if that's marigold, I'm severely disappointed!! :yucky:
  9. Certainly not Marigold. We won't see that until sometime in August.
  10. I was just there last week and I didn't see those!!! :cursing:

    Are those the new fall colors?
  11. You know... thats what it looked like to me too!

    But, if it IS indeed the highly anticipated Jaune - I'd have to say that I'll be passing on it.

    I hope to high heaven it isn't Jaune; what a major let-down. The color was drab, and the leather was not nearly as "chewy" as the pre-fall leathers we've seen thus far. Crap. :push:
  12. I too was there last week and they didn't have any of these out. The new colors that were there was Sienna (First), Cinnamon (Day - gorgeous btw), and a Mastic...City?
  13. That's what I thought too..
    But excitement for this colour has made me think everything yellow is Marigold :sweatdrop:
  14. I have a real bad feeling that it *is* the jaune/marigold. I mean, what else could it be?
  15. I really hope not!

    But I'm pretty certain that it is not an older bag (unless it has been in the back or someone returned it) cause it wasn't there a couple weeks ago.

    Again, crap.

    I'll try to make a trip there in the coming week to see what season its from.