Neimans ruined my cambon

  1. I sent in my cambon bag to get a quilt fixed since it was coming undone in September. Neimans sent it to me in November in the mail and the black handles dye had transfered onto the beige body. So I went back to Neimans and they sent it back in and I just got a call saying that it could not be fixed, but they would refund my money. Come to find out they would only refund what I paid for it. When I bought it I paid $1500 and now the one closet to mine is $2200.:crybaby:
  2. Oh no! Did they send it to Chanel?

    Actually, they don't make your's anymore, it never made it above $1650 retail befor it went on sale if it's the large tote.
  3. It's a :tdown:. Any possibility to ask them to just replace with a new bag?
  4. :tdown:that really stinks. i'm sorry that happened to you
  5. Oh no! I so sorry to hear that.
  6. So sorry to hear that!!!
  7. You might try taking it to Chanel. When I was looking at the Cambon tote there was only one left at Chanel Bellagio Las Vegas & it had bleack dye transfer on the beige. The boutique sent it to Chanel & when it came back it was perfect. I didn't end up buying it though *L*
    Anyway, I think it is worth a try before you lose your bag.
  8. Oh no! that's terrible! They really should replace if for you, regardless of the increase in price. I hope it all works out for you!
  9. Oh wow- that is awful! Hope things get resolved for you!
  10. I remember being at NM one day and someone was buying the beige Cambone with the black handles and I over heard the SA (as he was placing the bag back into the dust bag), *Now when you store the bag, make sure you keep the handles upright and down inside the bag, otherwise the black from the handles will rub into the beige leather*-- He kept reinforcing how important it was because of the delicacy of the leathers.
  11. i am sorry to hear this! i hope you can bring this to the chanel boutique and get the problem solved. i can't believe NM messed up your bag!!
  12. that is out of order. With the price increses Chanel has been having- u cant even buy hardly any bags with the refund they gave u!
  13. I wonder if you could stand your ground and demand a replacement bag? Prices went up so much and it's not your fault they ruined your bag.

    I do question whether they send some bags out to a local shop for repairs. Would Paris or Italy repairmen ruin a bag? I doubt it.
  14. OMG SO SORRY!! I LOVE the Cambon. I would be SO mad, and NEVER go there again. How horrible. I would argue with them, and insist they refund you to buy a new bag, since they don't make black on beige anymore.
  15. wow that's insane! I hope they give you a credit or work something out! good luck, let us know how it goes..