Neimans Pre-sale items!!!! sales start 11/28

  1. I was at Neiman Marcus Shorthills, NJ today... and the presale has already started!!!!!

    This is what i saw.. sorry i don't have pictures, Neimans was our last stop, and we were in a hurry!!

    Large Ivory Matelasse (there was about 3 of them) marked down to $1202
    Large Sienna Matelasse (ONLY 1 LEFT) marked down to $1202
    Black Whistle bag marked down to 1300 something?? (ONLY 1 LEFT)
    Ivory Matelasse Clutch marked down to $633 (also 1 left)

    That's all i saw... and the SA that helped me was Mila Golynkina, she was pretty nice but she actually helped me with some chanel sales bags.
    Anyways, the number to the store is 973-912-0080.
    If you want her to help you, her extension is 2163

    I AM ON A BAN.. my bf DRAGGED ME OUT OF THE STORE cause he saw how tempted i was!!! :drool:... so... someone else get the goodies!! good luck~
  2. glad nothing sounds appealing. my wallet will get a nice break from this. haha. thanks for posting!
  3. Hopefully someone knows what kind of stock SF has.... there are some non-moto styles I have my eye on and they usually have a great selection.... but I'm in Indiana! :tdown:
  4. thanks or posting
  5. you're welcome ladies.. my bf thought i was crazy when i rushed to my computer to post the finds!! lolx.. he thought i was joking when i told him in the car!
  6. I'll check out my NM and report back tomorrow....they have a bunch of non-moto bags.
  7. Thanks so much! It's around the holidays I really miss big-city proximity for all the shopping I'm missing out on...
  8. I will check the Chicago NM today.
  9. Please post/PM me if you see any works on sale. TIA!
  10. anyone have the SF stock?
  11. Neimans Palm Beach had a City in green on sale! Call Lillian at designer handbags. I think it was 800 or so.
    phone # 851-805-6150
  12. ^^^ Wow! If I hadn't just bought a matelasse, I'd so get that! I hope someone here does!
  13. so tempting--i was originally looking for black or blue city/or get a MJ stam, but 800 for a city is great. if anyone sees any other colors, please post! tia. Too many great sales! :smile:
  14. i went to neiman's sf earlier...
    here's what they have on sale (don't know prices...sorry)...
    also, there were no motorcycle bags...

    ivory and sienna matelasse clutches
    3 small red whistles
    3 brown square whistles
    2 navy square whistles
    4 black small whistles
    2 black matelasse trunks (where the bottom compartment opens)
    1 sienna matelasse trunk
    2 sienna large matelasse
    2 black large matelasse
    brown partition
    camel partition clutch
    navy/camel plaid duffle bag
    olive/black small convertible bag
    olive suede/black leather tall convertible bag
    navy suede/black leather tall convertible bag

    this is the small convertible bag...the tall one also has a shoulder strap is about the height of a magazine, maybe taller...

    for f/w colors, they also had (regular price)
    jaune step
    black GGH envelope clutch
    jaune GSH work
    pine GGH city
    pink GGH hobo

    there were others, but that's what stood out...
  15. I called NM at Newport Beach, CA. They have 4 city bags; 2 green and 2 beige. all of them are suede.