Neiman's Last Call Sale

  1. Just wanted to let all who are interested know the Neiman's Beverly hills is having a last call sale on Thurs. the 4th. :yahoo:
    It's the final markdown on all clearance items before they go back to the warehouse.:drool:
  2. Thanks Ali, do you work at Neiman's? Do you know what handbags will be on sale?
  3. Ugh! Why do they close so early! I'm barely out from work by 6pm... Let us know if you find anything.
  4. Ali W?
    I was always curious? What happens once the merchandise "goes back to the warehouse"? Is it
  5. I think it goes to the NM Last Call Outlet.
  6. Hi!

    Just wondering, do they put out anything new for the "last call" clearance? I was there over the weekend and didn't see anything worth making the trip for... just an fyi.

    Thanks in advance!! :smile:
  7. No, I don't work for neiman's:rolleyes: (but i wish I did so I could get an extra discount), just happen to call to see if they had a bag in the store and the SA told me about the sale:wlae:. I'm glad I called, because there is no advertisement about the sale.
    The SA didn't say which bags would be in the sale, but I will definately be there at 10am to find out:love:
  8. Padparasha, sorry I didn't notice the question until after I posted my last reply.
    Yes, they do put out a few new items,the SA said they get a delivery from the warehouse that morning and place it on the floor.
  9. *Drools over all of the jeans* :sad:
  10. Oh wow ali w!!

    That may be cause to take the morning off from work and head to the store!! ha ha... actually I'm not *that* ambitious... If it were online I'd be there in a sec, but there's nothing more disappointing than running to a sale, to come home with nothing. BH isn't that close for me... so hopefully someone else will find some real *goodies* to take home with them. :love:

    Thanks for the reply to my post! ;)
  11. Gosh, on second thought the bag of my dreams could be there!!! :rolleyes:

    I am dying to get my hands on the Miu Miu Scamosciato Old Satchel... got the soft calf in sigaro, but I'm pretty certain the"Scamosciato Old Satchel" is more me. :rolleyes:
  12. Presale going on in Atlanta NM now. (Pick up on 1/9/07) I stopped by yesterday evening and scored some items I had been eyeing since Christmas.
  13. Arghhhh, what is this? Hahahha.. I'm going crazy! Should I call? Should I call?? Nuuniinuuninuuu...
  14. Thanks! I thought Last Call was at the end of Jan so this is good to know!
  15. I just called NM Beverly Hills a few minutes ago and was told the Last Call sale was on Jan. 10. Hmmm... Now I'm confused!