Neiman's First Call Sale online

  1. I apologize for repeating some of what's in the NM free shipping post, but my e-mail today says that the First Call sale that begins Wed. in-store, is online today (Tuesday, 11/7). The main purse brands I saw are lots of Koobas, an Ellen Tracy,lots of Isabella Fiore,some Be&D, a few nice Cole Haans, one Botkier, Kate Spade, Juicy, M by MJ, and a few others. Clothing and other categories are on sale, too. As the previous thread said, if you buy $150 or more use FREESHIP for free shipping.

    I can't get to the store tomorrow so I may shop todayonline!:yahoo:
  2. Is Burberry on sale?
  3. I didn't see any Burberry purses online in the sale part - but there were some burberry shoes...
  4. ^^^Thanks!
  5. thanks for letting us know!
  6. Thank you !
  7. In case you need a free shipping code, I used "best" yesterday and it works !
  8. ^^^thanks, pinkpiano. We all have to help each other!