Neimans at Merrick's pre-increase inventory of classics left

  1. Was at Neimans at Merrick today, the chanel department still has a few classics left pre-inventory priced, they said their computer will not kick in the new prices till Monday, I saw the following:
    Pink Medallion Tote in Caviar

    White (which is really a light, light beige), small tote, the smaller version of the GST, with gold hardware.
    Bone Patent Flap
    Petite Pouchette in caviar
    white patent flap
    small bluepouchette classic caviar
    several lambskin flaps (don't know if these have any increase)
    1 black medallion tote with gold hardware.
    And I think they had more in stock
    Their phone number is 786-999-1000, the two sales people are, on Sunday, Neil and on Monday Cindy.
  2. I bought a lambskin flap pre increase, and it did go up. I think the jumbo's are going up more percentage wise than other sizes, I didn't buy the lambskin in jumbo . . . caviar in jumbo.
  3. thank you so much for posting this habanerita!!! this saved me from having to make many phone calls today! after much internal debate, just order the blue E/W with the old price... :yahoo:i feel like i bought it on sale!
  4. You are welcome!-I saw it yesterday and it is gorgeous, CONGRATS!:yahoo: