Neimans and RTW

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  1. Just wondering...Does any one know if Neimans carries RTW?
  2. The only H shop in NM I ever get a chance to duck into (usually on business) is the one in Wash DC, and it has SOME rtw. Well, more like precious small. A few pairs of shoes, a coat or a few ties, not too much... I asked why and they said the market simply isn't there for it in the NM store, in that area.

    If you do go, keep your eyes out for a tall, very dark skin gentlemen. He speaks with a french accent and he is a DOLL. I heard him snap (in french, which I never admit I speak in H so I can hear what they say about bags, inventory, and me!) at another S.A. for being rude to me! :wtf: How about that! He then turned around and smiled. I was duly impressed.

    The rest of the S.A.'s aren't very pleasant, period. It's the only H store or shop I can say that about though, usually they are more like the french gentleman. C'est la vie.:supacool:
  3. The Neimans in Troy Michigan also has some RTW, but not a ton! Their main number is (248) 643-3300. I think Lois handles most of the RTW for NM there! She is wonderful to work with!
  4. Thank you Angelfish and Jag:flowers:
  5. you're right about Lois....very accommodating!!