Neiman's 4 Day Sale only

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  1. You should try! NM is about customer service.
  2. OMG!!!!! I need intervention..........

    Lexie......I would at least try to call. The worst that can happen is nothing. I'm sick.
  3. OMG...they gave it to me and was so friendly about it. They credited me 65.00. They said you have 10 days for a price adjustment so if anyone ordered from them within 10 days, call if your bag was further discounted.
    262.00 for a Jillian.....WhoooHoooo!
    Thanks guys for your encouragement.
  4. Wow that is so cool.
  5. Man! Now that's service!!!!!
  6. Excellent! This was a fun sale to wake up to this morning. Jillian at $262!
  7. I just got the adjusted price too! Woo Hoo! Neimans is great! This will be my first Kooba. I can't wait to get it!
  8. Oh Lexie and GracieLoo CONGRATS on your price adjustments. Don't you just love NMs. What wonderful bargains.
  9. Gracie......welcome to the wild woonderful woorld oof Kooba!!!

    Youngster! Ha, ha! Great avatar!!!
  10. What a great deal you both got; we're all looking forward to seeing your new additions!!
  11. You should definitely call them for a price adjustment.
  12. I'm getting a Bourbon Jillian, just what I wanted!! I'm so excited, and the price is outstanding.
  13. Lori....great, great find!!
  14. I just ordered the Jillian! I'm so excited!! Can't wait for it to arrive!!!!