makes me sick!!!

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  1. I have been wanting and wanting the Gucci Scarf tote FOREVER and I finally ordered one

    You can read about it in this thread

    It was supposed to arrive today and has not come yet. So I call to track the package and they tell me that they ran out of stock. They claim to have called me but they DID NOT!@!

    This bag is from last season and is impossible to find now in stores. I'm screwed. i have an associate in a store trying to locate one for me but I'll probably be out of luck.

    I'm so MAD. had they REALLY called me last week like they claim then maybe I couldve been checking out other options. I'm so annoyed. :mad: :censor:
  2. Awww.. I am sorry to hear that. Maybe you can find it at the outlets?? Good Luck!! I am in Canada maybe I can ask my SA for you. please feel free to PM me.
  3. Oh my goodness, that is so disappointing! After you did all that waiting too. I'm so sorry to hear that Iluvbags! Dont lose hope, I'm sure you'll find it. Man, they shouldve sent you an email too or something! They didnt charge your account did they?
  4. Was this bag on sale? If not I see that it is available thru
  5. Yeah its the large one for $1350 online. i was wanting the meduim one for $1290. That one is GONE

    Thanks for looking out though :graucho:
  6. OMG- I am so sorry..I have watched you trying to find it for so long...They do have a nice new fall one with the burgundy scarf I want...hhmmm......check the new ones out again..I will personally call my SA and see what she knows.
  7. I am SO sorry! That actually happens to me all the time at NM with sales merchandise. Customer service explained that their ordering system is not real-time with the warehouse; i.e., items are not pulled from the warehouse and put aside for you immediately. I totally understand your frustration.

    There are other scarf totes for more current seasons that have the darker red/blue scarf. It was a very popular style (I had to have one as soon as it was released), so they will continue some version of it in seasons to come.

  8. Aww. Thanks Jill
  9. ^ I just called the local Gucci. She said that one is gone within the company. The fall bag is the same color brown but with a creme. Not white trim. It's 1295 for medium.
  10. awww how disappointing. being so excited abot something then told you weren't gonna have it :sad:

    i do remember seeing this at the sydney store
    if u need help getting it or whatever let me know
  11. OMG! i HATE that!! The same thing happened to me at Saks, I asked them to locate a pair of shoes for me and the SA told me they found one then a week later I get a letter saying it's out of stock. wth!

    Try calling NM in San Francisco. I saw one there about two weeks ago but I'm not sure if it was the large or medium.
  12. I just read a thread about a co. owned by a woman who hunts down bags for you...apparently she charges 50% off retail...she will look for hard to find bags as well...I will try and find it and you can research and see if it may be for you
  13. UNDER DEALS & STEALS...(titled) special order your favorite bag at a discount...someone posted a link in which you can read the article and there is contact info. Also, if I remember...the owner posted on here as well....good luck
  14. AWW TOO BAD! Just complain and be mad at the same time polite and they'll do somethimg for you. Last time When something went wrong with my order they gave me an additional 25% discount on anything I purchased.
  15. Thanks for everyones help. i am really bummed out about this. It would be different if I could just go in the store and pick up one. But I can't they are gone.

    If anyone can help me find one or sees one (meduim size) at a store PLEASE let me know.

    I'm so sad. :cry:

    I'm tempted to just get the large one. But its not the same. Its HUGE. Does not look as cute :cry: :sad: