NeimanMarcus Christian Louboutin's DILEMA :(

  1. those are GORGEOUS! what about finding something in a neutral to go with the heel part (a straw bag or something like that) or even finding something in a pattern with the yellowy gold in it? just an idea
  2. yea that is a great idea,...i've been searching high and low...all websites I can think of, even eBay! But nothing seems to be right.....I want to wear them this weekend with this Black BCBG dress I got...I would like to accessorize in gold but Im determined to find a bag.
  3. ^^^

    kate spade and michael kors make some really great raffia/wicker clutches with heavy gold hardware that would look hot.
  4. to be honest, i don't quite like the matchy look. just have a plain outfit and the shoes will be the focus of your outfit! hottttttttttt.
  5. I agree w/ charlene! The shoes are hot... you can get away with not matching at all. Just make sure nothing clashes.
  6. I think LV monogram would look nice with those shoes.
  7. I agree with Selena (the queen of the gorgeous B bags ;)). Plus, then you could totally use the LV with tons of other outfits!
  8. I have those satin espadrilles. I wouldn't wear LV mono canvas with them. Maybe Vanilla Epi?