Neiman private sale

  1. First reaction: *GASP*...thanks for posting this!!!!

    Second reaction: *PHEW*...nothing there for still in the bank!
  2. thank you soo much Mrs.Sweet, this is GREAT & you made it so easy to for everyone!!! Your name truly suits you:happydance:
  3. I :heart: the baby betty! thanks for posting.
  4. OMG!!! What a great posting. Thanks.
  5. WOW - great prices! Thanks for the post!
    I will be good.....I will be good....
  6. Hi ladies!

    I usually just lurk but I see that my favorite bag is on sale at neimens.

    I really want another Edith. I have her in gris-vert and would like another because I use her every day for work.

    I love the Jade but wonder if it is too similar to the gris vert? The tan/muscat loos gorgeous and versatile...but the ivory and the chocolate also are lovely,

    Help! I can only get one!
    My wardrobe is mostly black and grey but I am branching out into burgandy and creams and browns this year.

  7. Thank you for posting!
  8. My cousin's SA called her and said it was tonight. They will ahve the "new stuff." That's all the info. she received.
  9. WHAT is tonight?
  10. Thanx! On my way...
  11. Question for you all... is this online only? Or is it at the store as well?
  12. I just called NM Short Hills and asked ... they said it is tonight at the store (I forgot to ask what time). I asked if Balenciagas will be on the sale, and she said "no" ... so then I lost interest. ;)
  13. thank you so much for posting the info!!!
  14. Just heard from our wonder tPFer xochrissie/Christine (NM SF's SA). If you would like to order anything from NM San Francisco, please ask for her at 877-634-6264 ext 2166 (toll free).

    NM Private Shopping Night Sale: List of bags on sale

    B & D

    all Betty
    all Edith

    Dior Flowers
    Dior Deer
    Dior Flight

    Isabella Fiore

    Juicy Couture

    Lora Piana

    Salvatore Ferragamo