Neiman NJ has BI

  1. Ladies, if you want BI, Neiman NJ has BI in City and Part Time as per this evening (October 20th) !! I just called them and bought First BI and Greige Twiggy....:nuts::wlae::yahoo:...I am over the moon now !! Ask for Jennifer Chen at 201-291-1920 ex 2126. I have been referred to her by Nanaz and she has helped me to get my FIRST BI...I love it !! This is the hardest part, I am addicted to BBags more than I am to Hermes !!:nuts:...Hurry up if you are looking for BI, they still have in some styles !!
  2. Oh congrats LMD! Did you get the BI in a Part Time or City?
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