Neiman Marcus

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  1. Hi ladies! Just want to ask which Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus here in the US sells Balenciaga? Is there somewhere in Cali or Vegas? Thanks:smile:
  2. Nordstrom Arden Fair in Sacramento and Neiman Marcus in SF and SD. There are probably others but those are the ones I know for sure. HTH :smile:
  3. ^^^thanks! do you know any good SA's there?
  4. I have dealt with Tino at NM SF before. He is pretty good. I would say Rene at Nordstrom Arden Fair but she hasn't been as good about following up recently.
  5. Neiman Markus in Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas. I went there at the end of July and saw numerous Bal bags there. The colors I've seen were Bleu Lavande, Coquelicot, Papyrus, and Ardoise.
  6. Thanks everyone. Will try my luck tomorrow!
  7. J, NM SFO, look for Tino. BEST SA ever (aside from Marina ;))
  8. NM Bal Harbour. My SA Christian is awesome!
  9. Thanks ladies! If you come across dark night in rggh or atlantique RH at any NM let me know:smile:
  10. Hello, can anyone confirm 100% if its safe to purchase Prada bags at Neiman markus... are do they sell counterfeits as well?
  11. ]Hello, can anyone confirm 100% if its safe to purchase Prada bags at Neiman markus... or do they sell counterfeits as well- my mom wants to know
  12. NM in Austin TX sells Bal. I go there every so often to 'smell the Balenciaga air'. It's an old joke me and a friend had about smelling the designer air when we couldn't afford the designer goods.
  13. Dallas - NorthPark mall