Neiman Marcus

  1. Hey, I was just at Neiman's last night and they are having the best sale. I posted a pic (In the Glass Slipper Forum) of my new Louboutin (They were only $155!!) and Chloe ($348) shoes I bought that were and ADDITIONAL 25% off the already marked down price. The purse sales were to die for, too.
    They had TONS......Fendi B Bags, Chloe Edith bags, the tall denim tote, the Paddy tall tote with the zippy bottom, Prada, blah was awesome!! Try to get there if you have on near you!! In fact, I'm going back today cuz there was a Prada bag I had dreams about all night last night.................:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Which Neiman's did you go to?

  3. Sorry.....Vegas:tup:
  4. You go girl!
  5. great deals! thansk for the post!
  6. Louboutins for $155! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!:cutesy:
  7. Congrats, I love NM.
  8. We'd love to see pictures! Awsome!