Neiman Marcus visit today to look at Balenciagas

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  1. I went to the Short Hills Mall Neiman Marcus today in NJ and I inquired about a Balenciaga City Bag in Ink. The saleslady looked in her book and told me this is no longer available, and would I like another blue or the red that was in the case. I said no, but then I asked if the color would be out in 2007 and she said yes. She didn't take the time to explain further, only to say that they only make a certain amount and that is it. So how do people get exactly what they want? I asked her about a waiting list and she looked at me like I had three heads. I'm confused! Do I have to search for older models to get what I want, or can I get a new one in 2007 and get exactly what I want. Sorry if I sound naive, just learning !!!!
  2. All colors are exclusive to the season. So ink won't be out this spring. Ebay is a way to find it with the help of the Pfers. NM can do a waiting list for spring colors. So I don't know why she wouldn't offer it to you or at least tell you when the colors came in. Another option is to wait list at BalNY or maybe Aloha Rag (I don't know how soon they waitlist or if they do though).
  3. You MIGHT still be able to find an Ink City in stores. I know Barney's Beverly Hills has a few Twiggies left but I don't *think* they have any Cities. You might call around... but it also might be a struggle to find one with good leather.
  4. the 07 deep deep blue color marine might be kinda like ink. the ink from spring 06 is a deep, dark blue-purple color. I dont think there are any city sizes left in ink, but they pop up on eBay pretty often!

    If you want a brand new one though, I would call a few of the authorized retailers to check around first!
  5. I didn't think NM Short Hills did waiting lists anymore. You just need to get in with an SA and ask the SA to call you as soon as a certain style/color comes in. That's worked well for me with NM Short Hills, anyway.
  6. Barneys BH only has 2 ink boxes as of this morning. when I was there 3 weeks ago they had several boxes in ink and all were thin and veiny. They were so shiny they looked like plastic.
  7. The SA at Short Hills could have called other stores for you and had it shipped directly to you. I go to the Short Hills Neiman Marcus and find them not very helpful. Nancy at the Neiman Marcus in the King Of Prussia Neiman Marcus in Pa. has found some bags that I could not locate myself. Good Luck!
  8. I haven't had much luck with Neiman Marcus Short Hills as well. I went there a few times to research b-bags and they were less then helpful. If anyone knows of anyone decent there let me know.

    PS-I also got that same look as if I had 3 heads...
  9. I would just bypass them by calling the Short Hills store and have them connect you to the King Of Prussia NM. Ask for Nancy, she has been very good to me.
  10. Michelle at NM king of prussia is also very helpful!