Neiman Marcus up to 75% off sale 1/22 - 1/28

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  1. My e-mail says 75% off original prices, 40% to 65% off furs. All sales are final.

    Sounds like fun.
  2. Cool Thanks!
  3. Gotta check this out tomorrow! Glad I'm not working. Thanks for posting.
  4. Of course now I wonder how this sale will compare with the 40% off sale that's going on right now?!?
  5. most of the stuff is now 50% off but final sale
  6. do you think they would do price adjustment?
  7. No price adjustments according to my SA
  8. Online for 4 Days...Extra 40% Off Last Call....

  9. It was 50% off the sale price for shoes & 60% off the sale price for designers apparel at NM in Northbrook. Was lucky enough to get a pair of Manolos from $800 plus to $273 & a lovely Marni top from $900 plus to $217.
  10. I was at NM in Chicago (Michigan Ave) and got a great pair of Louboutins for just over $200. Worth checking out!